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1- Distance 2m
2- Regular hand washing with soap
3-Mask in a confined space to put on according to protocol, mask duration 4 hours, so change it after 4 hours
Maybe put it less often but better
4- test if you have symptoms of cough, fever, fatigue, muscle pain, etc.
5- positive test we do not treat only with acamol but also with antibiotics and other drugs depending on the context,
6-, Remember that it is necessary to treat from the first symptoms without delay in order to avoid the serious form of the infection
7-Follow-up of the patient is essential by phone, video because the patient is isolated and very anxious, reassure him
8- Do not hesitate to hospitalize him if respiratory deterioration in order to start oxygen therapy and others

We also insist on the ineffectiveness of containment. Its generalization has not brought convincing results.
We insist above all on the awakening of the conscience of the population and its empowerment by means mainly of education and communication,

Sanctions must be targeted and not collective,
Violence does not solve anything just like denouncing ......

We also wish to reassure the population by highlighting the recovery figures (more than 98% recover) and the rarity of serious cases in children,

Many other diseases that are not so much in the media kill much more than this virus, which does not mean that we underestimate this pandemic far from it,

We didn't have time to answer questions about the vaccine, here's our take:

We believe that the potential vaccine will not be a miracle and we believe much more in antibiotic treatment from the first symptoms associated with a sedative antiallergic drug from the neuroleptic family, of course following the patient from a distance (telephone, videoconference, etc.) in order to reassure him because anxiety plays an important role,

When the disease worsens there are other much more aggressive treatments and still being studied,

We don't believe in the vaccine because this virus has already mutated dozens of times, it is elusive,
The vaccine will therefore be difficult to set up because the vaccine generally acts on a strain,
Note that there are 5000 types of coronavirus, 500 types just in bats !!!!!!!

If you have any questions, in particular about treatments still under study, do not hesitate to contact us, we will try to answer you as quickly as possible.

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