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In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Dear friends,

Our team went to Havat Gilad in Chomron to support the action of Anael and Shmouel dog trainers whose job is to help sick children through dogs,

We discovered a beautiful place with amazing people and super nice dogs

The whole village of Havat Gilad was present at the little party we organized for the children ...

It had been a long time since the village had experienced so much effervescence, according to the mothers present at the event,

Came with super friendly clown Shlomi, an outstanding musician from Jerusalem, Shahar Sorek and highlight of the show Marvin the Snake Charmer ....

There were souvganiots, candies and each child received a gift: the association's Mug filled with candies and small gifts.

Joy reigned in Havat Gilad!

What could be more touching than the look of a happy child!

Before leaving, we gave a modest donation of NIS 6,000 to Anael and Shmuel to help them continue their wonderful work!

I would also like to thank Michael and David from Netanya respectively 8 and 15 years old, 2 brothers who made the Mugs to give them generously to the children of the village!

What a beautiful day we spent that will remain etched in our memory

Giving joy to a child has no equivalent on this Earth!

If you want to help us make yourself known and if you want to make a donation, visit our website:

Happy Hanukkah Day to all!

This action is dedicated to the memory of Muriel, Esther beats Claudine, Sarah!

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