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Support children of all origins by supporting the association EMI - Enfants Malades en Israël: an association carrying peace.

EMI Sion aims to help sick children by organizing events highlighting young talents in different areas and activities.

Service de consultation gratuite post trauma
Association enfants malades


Support children of all origins by supporting the association EMI - Enfants Malades en Israël: An association carrying peace.

By evoking this region of the world, it is difficult to avoid the cynicism which disrupts any prospect of peace. But suffering knows no nationality and the message we wish to convey is above all a humanist and pacifist one.


This initiative is entirely secular and has no political or religious affiliation. It is indeed important to know that patients of all origins are treated in Israeli hospitals.

Its objective is to raise funds through the organization of events, concerts, shows, intended to finance structures, materials, equipment intended for sick children but also to be at the heart of local actions. (gifts, cakes, toys ...).

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En soutien aux familles des otages

Lune Bleue est un appel à l’humanité, une incantation vers le Ciel pour que tous les otages enlevés le 7 octobre 2023 soient libérés sains et saufs…


Qui de plus innocent qu’un Enfant ? Et pourtant les Enfants font partie des otages…


Ayez pitié des Enfants ! Qu’ils puissent tous revenir sains et saufs à la Maison tout comme nos frères et sœurs.


Hachem si tu entends Lune Bleue prends pitié de nous et des Enfants !


Dr. David

I created the EMI association in 2004 after a long illness that lasted 2 years.


It came on to me at the age of 40 years... During all this period, I experienced like any patient doubts, loneliness and of course anguish ... Physically I was very weak with significant pain that resounded on my morale,


As a doctor, I was on the other side of the fence and I understood better what a patient expected from a doctor: an compassionate ear, kindness and serenity! Indeed, I realized that the morale participated in the cure and allowed to gather forces to fight as well as possible against the disease. During these two years I was no longer in the world of "active" people, I was excluded, I was elsewhere...


I had taken refuge in an imaginary world, in mystical readings that a healthy person could not understand. I read the book of Job from which I perceived certain sublime messages such as to have compassion, not to judge the other as long as we are not in the same situation, indulgence, benevolence, mutual aid, solidarity, love...

The best ways to restore some justice! Difficult to understand but I got used to my illness and my weakness became my strength... I managed to get out thanks to the kindness and the love of my loved ones, I told myself that I had to share and take advantage of my experience to restore some justice, and what a worse injustice than a sick child!


I had found my mission, a meaning and purpose to my life: to help sick children, especially in Israel because I happen to be a child of Israel!


EMI was born...

David Bensaid



Beautiful videos of our actions to support sick children...

Interviews with wonderful people who support the association...

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